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Heat loss maps reveal benefits of double and triple glazing

Window and door designer, The Residence Collection, has launched three heat loss maps revealing the warmth that escapes homes depending on the window glazing.

These maps show that 18% of a home’s heat loss is through ineffective windows and doors, showing installers the downfalls of fitting single-glazed windows and demonstrating the positive effects the Future Homes Standard 2025 requirements will have on the fenestration industry.

The Future Homes Standard aims to ensure that new homes built from 2025 will produce 75-80% less carbon emissions than homes built under the current Building Regulations, while improving heating, hot water systems, and reducing heat waste.

Single-glazed windows
• Average u-value: 5.5 W/m²K
• Average heat loss per windows in the home: 52.8 W/°C

Double-glazed windows
• Average u-value: 1.2 W/m²K
• Average heat loss per windows in the home: 11.52 W/°C

Triple-glazed windows
• Average u-value: 0.74 W/m²K
• Average heat loss per windows in the home: 7.1 W/°C

As expected, single glazing loses the most heat, while double and triple glazing windows are a superior choice for increasing thermal efficiency, and fit with the requirements of the upcoming Future Homes Standard 2025.

Going forward, lower u-values will be key for newbuilds, with the highest allowable u-value being 1.6W/m²K for newbuild developments and 1.4W/m²K for refurbishments. Newbuilds will also require air sealing tape around structural openings.

With these standards in mind, all three of The Residence Collection’s ranges are already ahead of the curve in light of these new regulations. Each collection can achieve a u-value of 1.2W/m²K with double glazing and as low as 0.74W/m²K with triple glazing.

This means there are already plenty of options in the fenestration market for consumers, installers, fabricators and developers to achieve the Future Homes Standard requirements ahead of the deadline.

Jo Trotman, Marketing Manager at The Residence Collection, said: “We’re so pleased to reveal a visual representation of how single, double and triple glazing holds heat in the home.

“Heat loss, condensation and damp forming is a real concern due to low-quality windows, especially with the cost of energy remaining high.

“We’re proud to already have u-values that meet the Future Homes Standard 2025, supporting installers in providing their customers with new windows of the highest quality, and ultimately keeping homeowners energy bills low as winter approaches.”

Experts from The Residence Collection uniquely designed three core ranges to authentically replicate traditional timber windows made from modern uPVC materials with low U-values and A++ energy ratings.

More information is online at https://www.residencecollection.co.uk/news/are-your-windows-losing-heat-and-boosting-your-bills/

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