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Mental health and wellbeing podcast series launches

A new podcast series has been launched that will delve into the industry’s pressing mental health and wellbeing challenges. Created by the Double Glazing & Conservatory Quality Assurance Ombudsman Scheme (DGCOS) and the National Home Improvement Council (NHIC), the podcast will invite experts to offer insight and support to anyone who works in the home improvement sector.

DGCOS Chief Executive Faisal Hussain explains: “Building on our two-year campaign for better mental health and wellbeing for those who work tirelessly in our sector, we decided there was so much more we can do to help. So we started a collaboration with NHIC to bring together medical experts, frontline charity workers and DGCOS representatives to prioritise and shine a light on mental health and well-being.”

The six podcasts will cover a range of topics including:

  • Mental health support in the industry for tradespeople: why are mental health issues prevalent in our sector; what are the effects on productivity and business; what support is out there?
  • Managing demands on your time: what does a good work life balance look like, how to juggle workloads, the importance of downtime and as simple as it sounds, how to take a break
  • Managing loneliness: many of our sector have to work away from home. We share some worrying stats of just how much of an issue this can be, and share strategies and solutions
  • Taking a holistic approach to supporting your team: the importance of training to raise awareness and help prevent crisis through better management and communication
  • Improving wellbeing and mental health: managing common mental health problems like anxiety and depression; building resilience and practical steps to take for a strong mindset
  • Accessing debt support and achieving financial health: taking control of your financial position and minimising money stress.

Guests include Hannah Vickers, Chief of Staff at Mace and Head of Productivity at the Construction Leadership Council; Martin Lockham from Mates in Mind; George Jones from Cahill Renewables; Tony Steel from Band of Builders; GP Dr Rachel Cooper MBBS MRCGP: and Greg Jenkinson, from Step Change.

Faisal continues: “I’ve personally been encouraged to see how much mental health and wellbeing have become more comfortable topics of conversation in our sector and are on the agenda now for many businesses. Rewind even five years and you’d see a totally different picture. We may not have totally broken down the taboo, but we’ve certainly started to chip away at it, something that DGCOS is determined to continue to do.

“But there is still a long way to go, and I’d like to take this opportunity to remind Total Installer readers of these stark statistics: UK construction sector workers are nearly three times as likely to die by suicide than their counterparts in other industries, and the suicide rate of UK construction workers is estimated to be as high as two people every day.*

“This means we need to continue to dig deeper to find and address the true root causes and take collective action sooner rather than later. If these podcasts help just one person, then our job is done.

“The series will be available to coincide with Suicide Prevention Month during September, and we’ll be sharing links to access the podcasts across trade and social media.”

If you are reading this and struggling now, regardless of whether you’re a DGCOS member, we urge you to reach out for confidential 24/7 support by texting HARDHAT on 85258.

*Mental Health in UK Construction: The Statistics | Mates in Mind


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