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New cladding brochure from Freefoam

Freefoam Building Products has released a new edition of its cladding product brochure  – The Complete Cladding Solution, featuring the full range of PVC-UE cladding options with the addition of two recently released products, Shadow Gap cladding and Fortex Natura cladding.

Shadow Gap cladding is one of the newer additions to the range, featuring a wide 180mm board with the new subtle ‘pine’ embossed finish and an attractive deep groove between boards. 

Fortex Natura is the most recent addition to the Freefoam cladding product range. A V-Groove style cladding board with the beautiful natural look of wood created with state of the art digital printing technology. 

Available in a choice of six traditional and contemporary wood decors, it gives homeowners the look of wood without the ongoing, time-consuming cost of regular upkeep.

The new brochure also features detailed information on each range, colour options, board dimensions, fitting trims and technical data, giving installers and homeowners all the information they need to make an informed decision. 

New, attractive imagery highlights the extensive range of cladding now available from Freefoam and illustrates the wide range of applications and options cladding offers.


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