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New smaller packs for Glazpart’s premium finish link vents

Glazpart’s Link Vent premium finish ranges are now available in packs of either 10 canopies or internal vents, to help companies only buy the stock they need and to add more value, both in terms of revenue and kerb appeal for homeowners.

The premium finishes available in the new packs are the Premium Woodgrain range, Premium Vac Foiled range, Premium Sprayed Colours, and Super Matt Finishes.

Dean Bradley, Glazpart Sales Director, said: “We are constantly listening to our customers and found that with the average number of windows per property being approximately 10, many companies only require Link Vents with premium finishes for just a few jobs a year. So rather than tie up stock, space and cash in excess stock, the new 10 packs mean that companies can order almost per job. This means they will not need to carry large stocks of Link Vent premium finishes and woodgrains. The new 10 packs will be ideal for fabricators who only need premium finishes occasionally.”

The Link Vent range sizes include 5000, 4000 and 2500 EQA. The vents are designed to fully comply with Building Regulations, Approved Document F1 (means of ventilation).

The Link Vent follows a clever design that is simple and user friendly for both opening and closing – the closing action allows the closure plate to be positioned so that it reduces draughts by directing air away from occupants.

The Link Vent 4000 and 5000 closure plate is split to allow for partial (50%) opening and greater ease of opening of the ventilator. The flexibility of the Link Vent also has rounded ends of the vent to allow for installation on timber windows and it is available in either screw or clip in fixing types – the design eliminates the need for end caps while the clip fix design (Pawl’s) allows for a fast, easy vent installation.

With smart design, easy fitting, and functionality as well as a huge choice of 1000s of colours and decorative finishes, it is easy to see why many fabricators and installers across the UK are using Glazpart’s Link Vent products.


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