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Part F top of the agenda at Deceuninck customer day

Deceuninck customers turned out in force for a special customer day to discuss the implications of changes to Part L and Part F.

Held in Birmingham the event started with a welcome from Rob McGlennon, Managing Director, Deceuninck, who reviewed the past year, also highlighting the fall in manufacturing capacity that the industry has seen since 2007.

He argued that processed product was 300,000 plus tonnes in 2007, manufactured by 2,840 fabricators. By 2020, this number had fallen to 1,190, yet despite, this processed output was still approaching 300,000 tonnes.  “It goes some way to explaining why everyone feels that they have been working so hard in the last couple of years”, he said.

Rob also gave an overview of product development including Deceuninck’s launch of a new chamfered flush casement window sash; and sculptured sash option on its popular Slider24+ patio.

He added that Deceuninck was also making Agate-Grey-On-White, available from stock, flagging that the systems leader had supplied more than 160 different colourways last year.

He was followed by John Warren, Director, Lasco PR and Marketing who presented the findings of independent research commissioned by Deceuninck and conducted by YouGov.

This included the importance end-users placed on sustainability and even the willingness of some homeowners to pay a premium for products using recycled content – but also low levels of end-user awareness that PVC-U could be recycled.

Darren Woodcock, Operations Director, then gave a presentation to explain how Deceuninck was bringing back recycled material into use in a new generation of products, saving tens of thousands of tonnes of PVC-U from landfill.

Chris Tahmasaby, Director ICAAL, picked up the first of the afternoon slots providing attendees with a walk-through of Deceuninck’s new fabricator lead generation tools including the creation of dedicated and SEO optimised sub-sites.

He also placed emphasis on the importance of marketing against the backdrop of toughening conditions and inflation.

The headline event, however, was the explanation of the changes to Parts L and Part F of the building regulations by Kevin Jones of the GGF.

He fielded questions from the floor, which suggested that the regulatory changes introduced in December and coming into force from 15th June were contradictory and ill considered, covering off thorny issues including compliance and enforcement.

Rob McGlennon said: “The turnout was really good.  We had 40 plus customers there and will follow-up with further events around the UK in the spring and early summer.

“It’s very clear that there is a level of frustration with changes to Part F and we will continue to work with our partners to communicate this to the industry’s representative bodies, while supporting our customers and theirs’ in turn, in turn, in staying on the right side of the changes.”


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