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RegaLead says Lilac Doors are set to soar in 2024

RegaLead had added four new colours in lilac hues to its standard colour range.

Google searches for lilac doors increased by 271 percent over the past 12 months, and RegaLead has seen more and more requests from customers for lilac shades, which were the inspiration for the new colours.

RegaLead’s team of colourists found the lilac options within the RAL palette uninspiring and made the decision to develop its curated lilac colour shades that are perfect for doors. Created to give both traditional and modern interpretations of lilac, the stunning door colours include Lilac Blush, Mulholland Drive, Plum Blossom, and Moroccan Sunset.

“Keeping ahead of colour trends is key to supporting customers,” says Guy Hubble, Joint Managing Director at RegaLead. “Ideal Home published a report saying that lilac as a front door colour is set to soar in 2024, backed up with comments from leading interior and exterior design trendsetters.

“We know that the popularity of pink doors over the last few years shows homeowners are more than happy to stray from the black-grey-white palette. Lilac is a more romantic and playful version of grey, making it a perfect choice for people who want a clean and subtle front door but with a splash of colour. What’s more, lilac pairs with both light and dark exterior paint colours as well as complementing a variety of architectural styles, and RegaLead’s four lilac hues means there’s something for every home.”

Lilac Blush is the pinkest of RegaLead’s four shades, offering a classic colour twist for traditional doors. The more muted and darker lilac Mulholland Drive looks fantastic against black frames, which makes it perfect for both traditional and modern door styles. Moroccan Sunset oozes lilac sophistication, especially when paired with chrome door furniture. While Plum Blossom is a charming lilac shade designed for homeowners looking to subtly set their home apart from neighbours.

“Colour is such a personal choice,” added Guy. “But homeowners want to choose from a curated collection of colours. They want to be inspired, not bamboozled! Adding new shades to keep ahead of colour trends means that we can support sales for installers. Our colour trends postcards are available from Regalead to download for customers to use on their socials too. We predict that sales of lilac doors will soar in 2024.”


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