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Sheerline announces LogiKal integration for fabricators

Sheerline, a leading UK manufacturer of aluminium windows and doors, has announced it is now supported by LogiKal software, giving its fabricators even more choice when it comes to generating accurate estimations, cutting lists and running advanced product specific calculations.

LogiKal is one of the few solutions developed and designed specifically for the aluminium industry, and has become popular among fabricators because of its advanced features.

By offering full compatibility, the company is enabling more fabricators to add the Sheerline range to their product offering without altering their established workflows. This is a win/win as fabricators benefit from both LogiKal and Sheerline’s advanced features.

One of the biggest advantages of this upgrade is the fact LogiKal software uses a CAD-based system. This means it can assist with costings, material planning and manufacturing complex product designs. For instance, it enables Sheerline’s fabricators to perform thermal analysis quickly for a specific manufactured product.

This includes U-value calculations as well as wind-loading for their designs. There is also an option to send designs directly to manufacturing equipment, including CNC machines, through automated links. This is an important feature as it reduces the likelihood of errors and saves time.

As a result of Sheerline’s investment, the company now offers its fabricators access to three industry-leading software packages. This includes First Degree Systems’ Window Designer, Business Micros’ Evolution package, and now Business Micros’ LogiKal.

Sheerline opted for these software packages as the company wanted to ensure its customers could adopt the Sheerline product range using solutions they are already familiar with. The company also recognises the fact that fabricators need agility, power, and flexibility.

An ideal way to manage demanding and complex projects, LogiKal is supported alongside Sheerline’s other packages, meaning Sheerline can easily be adopted by even more customers, regardless of their size or system requirements.

Both new and existing Sheerline customers can benefit from the addition of LogiKal as they now have greater choice when deciding which software to use. Sheerline has a dedicated department to support customers who want to get the most from any of their supported software packages, which includes PST for roof customers.

Sheerline’s Software Development Director, Adrian Girling, said: “If you are in the aluminium sector and require a software application that can cope with the complex products, designs, and requirements that can often challenge your existing software, LogiKal is the best option currently available.”

He added: “For those customers currently employing, or with plans to employ, automatic machinery on the shop-floor (CNC routers, saws, etc), LogiKal also benefits from a pre-existing, comprehensive library of machine links, featuring most popular machinery-brands.”


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