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Sheerline’s S2 conservatory roof system nominated for G23 award

Sheerline has been announced as a finalist in the Best Business Initiative of the Year category for S2, its new conservatory roof system, at this year’s G23 Awards. Since being unveiled at the FIT Show in May, it has become a popular option for installers looking to differentiate their roof offering.

The new roof system was introduced in response to the stagnation that had beset the conservatory roof system market, leading to a lack of choice and a drying up of innovation. Launching S2, through partners Prefix and Supalite was a strategic decision for the company, which had already enjoyed success with its award-winning S1 roof lantern.

To ensure S2 is as practical as it is innovative, the development team at Sheerline worked closely with its launch partners to refine the product. Ensuring it offered the thermal performance, ease of installation and outstanding aesthetics the market was looking for.

As well as providing solutions to installers frustrations, S2 also offers greater choice for consumers. The latter is important because it will remove dependence on suppliers who have a monopoly, good for the market as a whole. 

Advantages of Sheerline’s S2 when compared to other conservatory systems is the fact homeowners will benefit from the company’s revolutionary approach to thermal performance. For instance, S2 features multi-chambered top caps and ridges that help retain heat.

In addition, S2 can be perfectly matched with every product offered by Sheerline, from the S1 Roof Lantern to the Prestige Bi-Fold Doors, and the newly launched Classic Heritage Door. It will enable the company to offer a one-stop, fully matched whole-house solution.

Sheerline has been named a finalist in not one but two award categories this year. As well as being shortlisted for the Best Business Initiative of the Year, Ben Hartshorn has been announced as a finalist in the coveted Rising Star category.

Since joining the team in 2019 Ben has quickly progressed from assisting with designing and testing physical prototypes in the early product cycle stages to heading up major product development projects and has recently been promoted to head Sheerline’s team of Technical Support Engineers.

His successes to date includes the development of a clip-in bead option for the popular ultra-slim Classic Window. As well as the recently introduced Classic Heritage Door.

Sheerline CEO Roger Hartshorn said: “We’re delighted to be finalists in two categories for the G23 Awards this year. It’s a fantastic opportunity to showcase the breadth of work we’re undertaking. The S2 is already proving popular, which isn’t a surprise given the success of the S1 and the latest addition to our roof range, SheerVent.”

“There is clearly demand for reliable, thermally efficient, customisable conservatory and lantern roof systems. It’s also great for the company to be recognised for our people. For us, it’s important team members gain a broad work experience so they can specialise while developing their knowledge and working their way up, which is precisely what Ben has done,” he added.

Sheerline will be attending the G23 Awards on 24 November at the London Hilton on Park Lane. To find out more about the S2, visit the website here: https://www.sheerline.com/s2. Alternatively, call 01332 978000 to speak to the team directly, or email info@sheerline.com

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