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Smart security: cars vs homes

Kubu’s Ryan Bromley compares attitudes to smart technology in our cars and our homes

You know what fascinates me? How easily we’ve accepted (and now expect) advanced smart technology in our cars. Today, seeing a car park itself is a fairly familiar view in any car park, yet only a few short years ago, it was the stuff of sci-fi. Yet when we think about similar tech for our homes, there’s a noticeable curb in consumer enthusiasm. Why is that?

Driving innovation: the smart car experience

Remember when even electric windows were seen as a luxury? These days, try as hard as you want, you won’t find a new car without them.

Smart technology in vehicles, from Sat Nav to Key fobs that allow you to start your car before you even get in, has – in the blink of an eye – transitioned from high-end novelty to everyday expectation. Tech that was the reserve of the average Bentley driver is now, five minutes later, standard on a Fiesta.

But here’s a fun fact from the most recent YouGov poll on this topic (Global: The top tech features consumers are looking for in their new car – Aug 2023): only 13% of us prioritise smart key technology when choosing a new car. It seems that while appreciated, these innovations haven’t become deal-breakers for buyers just yet.

Home security’s smart tech hesitation
In a similar vein, smart technology in home security, like smart locks, isn’t getting an eager reception either.

According to data from Hippo.com (16+ Smart Home Statistics for 2024 – Feb 2024), only about 7% of homeowners are considering smart locks for their front doors, primarily due to security fears.

So, why the caution? It’s one thing to have your car stolen (and that’s bad enough), but a breach in your home security? That’s a whole different level of personal violation.

Despite the prevalence of smart devices in UK homes (69% of homes have at least one such device) it appears it’s the type of smart tech that makes a big difference.

People are clearly saying: “Make my life easier, but don’t make me worry.”

“Tech that was the reserve of the average Bentley driver is now, five minutes later, standard on a Fiesta”

Lessons learned
Automotive smart tech shows us that successful tech adoption looks seamless and raises no questions about safety. Cars have been mastering this for years, and even now they still face challenges and updates to make systems like smart locking more secure and less prone to interference – just look at the recent issues with Range Rovers. You can’t insure one if you live in Mayfair (how the other half live!), as they are pinched that often!

Smart home security you can trust
This is where Kubu enters the conversation.
At Kubu, we understand that adding smart technology to a home is about enhancing security, not compromising it. Our smart sensors for
doors and windows are designed to be discreet, non-intrusive, and a natural part of the home, integrating seamlessly with your life.

Just like your car alarm, imagine getting real-time alerts if something at home is amiss or even just being able to check if you closed the bathroom window after you’ve left the house. It’s about peace of mind – ‘be sure it’s secure’, as we like to say.

Smart as standard, not an afterthought
We’re not just throwing technology at a problem and calling it a solution. We’ve learned from the automotive industry that the key to successful integration is reliability and user trust. That’s why we’ve made sure our solutions have all the required accreditations and more… We exceed the latest safety standards (PSTI compliance as of April 2024), and are Secured by Design Secure Connected Device Accredited. This ensures that when we say ‘Smart as standard,’ we mean it enhances every aspect of your customers’ home security without the worry.

Innovative, yet familiar
Kubu is redefining what smart home security means. By Working with Kubu, you’re not choosing between traditional security and new technology; you’re enhancing the tried and tested with smart, subtle additions that can help increase your conversion rate, are easy to fit and have no effect on your call out rate! We’ll even throw in sales and marketing support for your business too.

Steering towards smarter security
The lesson here is clear: as much as we marvel at technology’s possibilities, its success in homes – just like in our cars – depends on its ability to make life simpler without making us feel exposed.

With Kubu, you can embrace a system that’s ready for the future but securely grounded in today’s reality of what makes a home feel safe.

‘Be Smart. Work with Kubu’ isn’t just a suggestion – it’s your next step towards integrating smart security into your business with the confidence you’ve always had in locking your car.


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