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Tradespeople essentials pose a summer safety risk 

Tradespeople have been warned to consider what equipment they leave in their van when temperatures start to rise.

 Motoring experts at Lease Van have named four items that could become hazardous and unsafe to keep in vehicles when it warms up.

With internal van temperatures reaching as high as 50°C in sunny weather, experts are urging tradespeople to think about what they’re leaving in their vehicles.

Certain tools and equipment can become damaged or create major safety risks if left inside a hot vehicle or exposed to the sun. 
If aerosol products, like pipe-freezing sprays or WD40, are left in a hot van or in direct sunlight, they could explode, while batteries and battery-powered tools could rupture and ignite. 
Tim Alcock, motoring expert at Lease Van, said: “Leaving some work items in a hot vehicle or exposed to the sun could cause dangerous situations.
“Tradespeople should never leave any equipment in their van because of theft risks, but leaving work gear in the work vehicle may be tempting after a long day.
“There are serious risks for tradespeople including explosions and fires if certain equipment is left in a hot vehicle over summer. 
“If exposed to high temperatures and sunlight, items in aerosol cans like pipe freeze sprays or WD40 could expand and explode, while some products like paint could release toxic fumes. 
“Not only could this damage pricey products and cost the business, it is also putting workers in harm’s way.”
These are the items Lease Van says tradespeople should never leave in hot vehicles:
1 Aerosol cans 
Tradespeople in multiple industries use aerosol cans for convenient product applications. While painters and decorators may use spray paints, primers and sealers, electricians use insulating sprays, and plumbers are familiar with lubricant and pipe-freezing sprays. If aerosol cans are exposed to the sun or left in hot temperatures, they can expand and explode. 
2 Batteries and battery tools
Batteries are used by tradespeople to power their tools and equipment. From drills and saws to measurement devices, they are popular because of their portability and cost-effectiveness. Batteries and tools with batteries in must be removed from a van during the summer, because heat can damage the battery and leak onto tools, or ignite and explode under extreme temperatures. 
3 Chemical products 
Some chemical products like paint and solvents are flammable, so if left in a hot vehicle, it could become a potential fire hazard. In extremely high temperatures, they can also release toxic fumes which are harmful to be inhaled, as well as damaging the product, which will need to be thrown away and replaced. 
4 Electrical equipment
From power drills and circuit testers to saws, electrical equipment is important for many tradespeople with their jobs. Leaving tools with an electrical component in a hot vehicle can damage major components and increase the risks of short circuits and fires. 

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