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Twixmas comes but once a year…

The period between Christmas and New Year, increasingly described as ‘Twixmas’, is often reserved for rest and relaxation, but there’s never been a better time to start your social media campaign for the year ahead, says Katherine George, director at digital marketing agency, Oh So Social…

Christmas is coming. At this time of year, our feeds become full with presents, parties, friends and family. So how do we compete and how do we get seen when home improvements may become the last thing on everyone’s minds?

Well, the easiest answer is to play the game yourself. Embrace pictures of loving warm houses, talk about the security that new installs can bring, and start to bring pictures of yourself and your team to the forefront. Share pictures of Christmas Jumper Day, the Christmas

party (although we would highly recommend taking these pictures at the start of the party) and, where possible, share pictures of happy customers with a warm festive feel.

Home for Twixmas
In the run up to Christmas you may notice a decline in the people engaging with you and your reach. Don’t take this personally, it’s not you, it’s the algorithm. But more importantly, don’t get disheartened, because Twixmas is coming…

Twixmas is the most important time of year for anyone in this sector. Trends show from Boxing Day onwards enquiries on home improvements spike, as people have enjoyed spending time together with their family and they start to plan next year in their own home which, with a little help from you, may be much more glamorous than where they have just spent Christmas.

“At Twixmas your potential customers are at home, they are bored, and they are starting to notice that their house needs some work, so this is your chance to shine”

At Twixmas your potential customers are at home, they are bored, and they are starting to notice that their house needs some work, so this is your chance to shine.

Now your content should change to the dream home you can help them create. Everyone wants an “Instagram-able” home and you can help make that happen. Share content that reflects your best work. Use before and afters, to showcase what an “average home” can look like. Tease new products or features that you can install from 2024. Share testimonials from happy customers who are spending their dream Christmas in their newly updated home.

Selling the dream
At this time of year you are selling the dream so be prepared and have content ready to go from Boxing Day onwards.

I know, lots of people reading this will be thinking; “but Katherine, Twixmas is the only time off I get all year”, which is why you should schedule all of your social media marketing. Use Meta Creative Hub to plan your content in advance; this means you can still have time off while your content continues to display. Creative Hub is a free tool, built by Facebook which allows you to plan all of your Facebook and Instagram content in advance. It also brings all of your comments and messages into one place, making it much easier for you to ensure you aren’t missing any vital enquiries.

Not a fan of Creative Hub? There are plenty of other tools out there; Agorapulse, Later and Buffer all have great free options which are perfect for most businesses.

Community management (answering comments and messages) is still important over the festive period. You don’t need to be online all day,
every day, but a daily check of your Pages for important messages and enquiries can make all the difference between making a new booking or losing out to your competitors.

To help save you time online, make sure your Facebook and Instagram messages are set-up. Did you know there is a free auto-reply system within Messenger which allows you to set replies to those frequently asked questions? If you don’t already have this set-up, now is the time. Use this tool to set expectations, tell enquiries you’ve got their message and will get back to them as soon as you can.

“Trends show from Boxing Day onwards enquiries on home improvements spike”

The final most important part about Twixmas is advertising.

In the run-up to Christmas, social advertising becomes expensive as you compete with everyone trying to sell presents. The smartest thing for anyone to do in this sector is turn off adverts and wait until Boxing Day.

From Boxing Day adverts become cheaper and more effective as competition drops, so this is your chance to scoop up some low-cost leads. If you are experienced with advertising, switch your adverts back on and make the most of
this low-cost time period. While if you’re new to advertising, remember the same rules apply as organic. Be clear with your offer; sell the dream, and most importantly, share the value you bring over your competition.

Good luck and happy holidays.


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