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Unwrap the festive spirit with KNIPEX

KNIPEX has unveiled its annual Advent Calendar Giveaway.

You can unlock the daily surprises on the KNIPEX website, where each window reveals a treasure trove of bestselling tools, with up to five prizes awaiting you every day.

Discover the one-handed precision of the KNIPEX TubiX Pipe Cutter (90 31 02 BK) and the versatile mastery of the KNIPEX CoBolt® (71 31 200), a go-to for gripping, pulling and cutting through nails, rivets and more.

Other surprises include the KNIPEX NexStrip (12 72 190), a Pipe Cutter for composite and plastic pipes (90 25 25) which takes up to 60% less effort to use and the Long Reach Needle Nose Pliers (28 81 280), designed for precision in gripping, adjusting and assembly work in hard-to-reach corners.

As the clock ticks down to Christmas Eve, the grand finale is the Tool Backpack Modular X18 Electro (00 21 50 E). Made from a robust, splashproof fabric and featuring a waterproof moulded base of impact-resistant plastic, this backpack ensures a secure upright position when opened or closed.

So get set to unwrap the spirit of Christmas with KNIPEX – the season of giving just got a whole lot more exciting!


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