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Weather-beating Tilt & Turn Hardware from VBH

Hardware specialist VBH has reported a surge in the popularity of the ArTech tilt & turn system from respected Italian hardware manufacturer AGB.

ArTech is treated with an Activeage ‘Hi-Protection’ coating, which enables the hardware to withstand more than 2,000 hours of testing in a neutral salt spray environment.

Activeage is a three-stage finish incorporating layers of zinc, chromic passivation with silica Nano particles and, finally, an organic mineral protection coating.

ArTech is available in surface fit, jigless, rebated, and concealed hinge variants, all with standard level and PAS24 security level options. Upgrading between the two is reportedly easy, with only minimal hardware changes.

VBH cites the system’s security performance as a major reason why so many fabricators are switching to ArTech. Security spec windows have been tested to forces of 5.5KN, nearly double the forces specified in PAS24.

Gary Gleeson, Marketing Manager at VBH, said: “ArTech is incredibly resistant to attack, achieving almost double the required performance under PAS24.

“It is built to withstand harsh and varied climates, such as ours in the UK, where so many windows are positioned not that far from windy, salt water environments or near busy roads. 2000 hours salt spray performance is extremely impressive when you consider that the top grade of BS EN 1670 is 240 hours, which is classed as ‘very high resistance’.


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