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Which? to support Certified Competent’s Feeling Fresh campaign

Which? is supporting a new ventilation awareness campaign from certifiedcompetent.co.uk, run by Certass Trade Association.

#FreshAirFeeling is a short educational film to help homeowners and residents understand the importance of ventilating their properties all year round. It includes easy tips and advice on what to do to get that Fresh Air Feeling, from considerations of things to install when they next improve their homes, to simple actions homeowners can take today.

The issue of ventilation has been brought into the spotlight since the new Approved Document F regulations came into force on 15th June 2022.

The statutory guidance from the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC) explains that a well-ventilated property must have methods of extracting water vapour and pollutants, supplying a minimum level of outdoor air for occupants health*, quickly diluting indoor air pollutants and water vapour and minimising the entry of external air pollutants.

The document also lays out the numerous methods of achieving this level of ventilation, including the installation of windows with trickle vents, ensuring extraction systems are installed in kitchens and bathrooms, and the implementation of mechanical or whole-house ventilation systems.

Jon Vanstone, Chair of Certass Trade Association, the organisation behind certifiedcompetent.co.uk, explained: “Many occupants already have the means of properly ventilating their living spaces and reducing the level of air pollutants and water vapour in their homes, by rapid ventilation methods such as regularly opening windows.

“But it is also vital to have background ventilation methods installed in homes in order to avoid the build-up of moisture and air pollutants to keep homes healthy.

“The key messages from certifiedcompetent.co.uk and Which? are for occupants to keep their homes healthy for themselves and their families, by always ventilating their properties and ensuring they have the correct background ventilation in place when they have home improvements carried out.”

Raj Kakar-Clayton, Managing Director of Which? Trusted Traders added: “With the pandemic having hit the nation not too long ago, the importance of keeping your home well ventilated to protect your families’ health was brought to the fore.

“This same approach must be maintained going forward, and we are happy to support certifiedcompetent.co.uk on its Fresh Air Feeling campaign to raise awareness on how ventilating your home has many advantages including regulating airflow in the home, reducing the risk of condensation, residue and mould and many more.”


*A minimum rate of 0.3 litres per second per m2 of internal floor area

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